Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Brussels Sprouts and Mushrooms

Baby Bella Mushrooms
I love reading vegan food blogs. Last night I came across one I hadn't seen yet.

While looking through her recipes I saw this one, brussels sprouts and mushrooms .

I just happened to have everything needed.

 Guess what I made for lunch today.

The only thing I changed was I used a whole large onion instead of a small one because I LOVE onions :)
It turned out great! Definitely one I'll make again.

As a kid I never liked Brussels Sprouts. So when I moved out on my own I had no intention of ever eating them again. That was until one Thanksgiving my roommate invited me to her parents house for Thanksgiving Dinner. Her father is English and Brussels Sprouts were on the menu at nearly every big family dinner. When they were offered to me, not wanting to be rude, I took some. Praying they didn't taste like I remembered, I took a bite. I was pleasantly surprised! They were delicious. I have been eating, loving and experimenting with them ever since. I've even tried to get my husband to like them but I have not succeeded. He doesn't share my enthusiasm about Brussels sprouts. But that's okay, more for me. :)     

"Change is inevitable. Progress is optional" – Tony Robbins

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