Sunday, July 29, 2012

This Weeks Meals

Not much has been happening in my kitchen lately. My big pot of Miso Soup has lasted all week. There is one serving left that I'm planning on eating today! James and I were also determined not to have to go to the store at all this week. So I diligently set forth and planned a menu for the week (which I never do). I was quite happy that it looked like we would make it trough on just what we had in our fridge, pantry and freezer. There was one night, however, that James had to stop after work for some odds and ends. Due, in part, to the fact that I had forgotten to soak some dried beans we were going to use to make toastatas.

I was lazy in the photo department this week and only managed to photograph one meal. 

Garden Salad, Israeli Couscous, and Felafel.

 The rest of the weeks meals, apart from the Miso Soup, were:
  Toastatas, I didn't feel like having the crispy tortilla so I just had heated vegetarian re-fried beans (from a can) with half an avocado, onions, tomato and romaine lettuce all mixed together in a bowl. I was delighted with it! So much so that I had it again the night after. The second time we also had corn on the cob.
   Pasta and Sauce, the sauce was from a jar and I doctored it up a bit by adding lots of veggies.
   And last, I also had a veggie burger on toasted bread with onion, tomato, romaine lettuce and mustard.

Although we didn't stick to our meal plan completely, I really enjoyed having one made out. I'm trying it again this week and we'll see if this is a new habit in the making. 
Happy Eating!!

"In reading the lives of great men, I found that the first victory they won was over themselves." - Harry S. Truman

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